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Bring Humor To Your Brand

by Greg Olson

Every year I look forward to the Business Marketing Association Global Conference. This year it was in Chicago, Illinois.

One key presentation that stood apart from the others was by Tim Washer. B2B Video: Comedy writes itselfFor many businesses, connecting with their customers is sometimes a difficult task. Many companies review their tone and character and find ways to produce content that injects humor into their B2B content and videos.

Watch the video at the end of this article!

ClickZ states that by 2016, 1.5 Billion people will watch video online. How can you compete with this and other marketing channels? One way is through laughter. Can you create content experiences that make people smile? These are the moments that your brand and content become memorable and sharable.

A few key items to consider when creating more interesting B2B videos:

  1. Make sure you host this experience on your own channels. Set up branded YouTube and Instagram accounts.
  2. Find a place that you can “open up” to creativity. The actor, John Cleese, believes everyone is creative. This place is most likely out of the office, such as, a park, on a bike ride or a coffee shop.
  3. Consider taking an improve class. This is a great way to find your inner creativity.

Many of us struggle to find interesting stories. Tim discusses a few ways throughout his presentation on where he finds motivation for B2B content.

  • Talk to your customers and find those interesting ways your product solves their pain.
  • Consider your customer’s customers. How are they using your solutions?
  • Your employees have interesting stories on how they design, build and market the company’s products and services.
  • Focus on the history of your company and products.

Tim also brought up a simple solution to video production and video equipment. Newer mobile devices have amazing video cameras. Get comfortable shooting video with your mobile devices such as the iPhone 6 and you may just be the next Steven Spielberg.

Here are a few products and links that were discussed to enhance your video experience.

  • Let there be light: Dark videos are hard to see. Simple LED lighting solutions will help the impact. IPhone Grip with 40 LED Lights http://bhpho.to/18mL3LN
  • Be heard: Audience will tolerate lower quality video but will not tolerate low quality audio. Lavaliere Microphone for Smartphones http://bhpho.to/1iDgLbV

These are just a few of the interesting points that Tim made during his talk. Throughout his presentation you will find great ideas on creating content to connect your brand with your customers. So, get together with your team and watch this video “Tim Washer. B2B Video: Comedy writes itself. I know you will find it enlightening.


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