By Greg Olson – Partner, Cranium Studio

I have never really considered myself an advocate of certain brands. For instance, I like Pabst Blue Ribbon, I drive a Toyota and I have a passion for rescuing Rottweiler’s. I enjoy these things but I don’t actively promote them.

So, what is a brand advocate?

I believe a brand advocate is a person or a customer who talks favorably about a product and then tells others about their positive experience. Ironically, I have owned Apple products for many years and I share my experiences with others. Based on this, I believe I am an Apple Brand Advocate (ABA).

iPhone 6 PlusRecently, I purchased the new iPhone 6 Plus. It is an amazing phone with a larger screen than the previous iPhones. In the past, I have been jealous of many of my friends who have Android phones. These phones with larger screens are referred to as “phablets”. For those of us who have home phones, or remember the old brick mobile phone, these new phablets are not that large. However, with these larger phones, I prefer using headphones as opposed to holding the phone to my head.

Because I like Apple products and I see myself as an ABA, I though I would share my insight into the new iPhone 6 Plus:

  • Screen Size and Resolution: 5.5” diagonal vs the 4” diagonal screen on the iPhone 5. For years, we were excited by the small size of phones. Small was the new big. Now we finally have larger screens. I am a big fan of the new 5.5” size. After a few days of using the iPhone 6 Plus, I picked up my old iPhone 5 and it seemed too small and hard to use.
  • Battery Life: The battery life is awesome. Due to the larger size of the phone, the new iPhone 6 Plus holds a larger battery. I typically run my screen brightness at 50% and the phone easily lasts all day, even with pretty significant use.
  • Camera: Although many of us have a point and shoot camera at home, it seems the main camera we typically reach for is our smartphone camera. It is convenient and the camera technology is improving greatly with each new iPhone Apple launches. The new iPhone 6 plus takes beautiful pictures and excellent video.
  • Ease of use for email: The iPhone 6 Plus is a business tool for me and I prefer the larger screen for email purposes. Because the larger keyboard is easy to see and easy to use, I find it to be a better overall experience. Some people have found it hard to get accustomed to the large size of the phone and the ability to type with one hand. I found this to be easy to get used to.
  • Social media is much better on the bigger screen. Whether you are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media apps, the larger screen is much easier to read news articles, write posts and edit posts.

In my next article I will have a more in depth review of the new iPhone 6 Plus in “Part 2” along with some helpful tips and tricks.

In conclusion, Apple is one of the leaders in creating brand advocates. They continue to support their customers with exciting new products and they also continue to deliver on consistent brand expectations.

Source: http://www.apple.com/iphone-6/