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What Customers Want On The Small Screen

by Greg Olson
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Small ScreenCustomers are using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers at growing rates. The sales of mobile devices are surpassing computer sales.  Mobile devices are connecting customers and prospects to your business and sales people are using these devices help them sell.

Consider these stats about mobile search:

70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour.

9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, over half leading to purchase.

61% of customers who visit an unfriendly mobile site are likely to go to a competitor.

These stats show an important trend. People are making decisions while using mobile devices to look for products, services, and your business information. Here are 5 key tips to consider what your customers want on the small screen.

Your website must be mobile friendly.
This is the point many of my customers make a statement they are not ready to invest in a new website. I recommend you create a simple website landing page that has key information about your services and includes contact information. Include a mobile friendly website in your sales and marketing strategy.

Make sure your email is easy to read on mobile devices.
This is a key business communication tool. Whether you are marketing or simply communicating with your customers, you need to think about the small screen. Keep your message subject line short. Your brand name and call to action should be high up on the screen so the viewer easily knows what you’re asking them to do.

Customers want to find you. 
Your customers and prospects want to find you and contact you. Make it easy for them.

Your address and a map that links to Google maps should be easily accessible.

All phone numbers need to be “click to call” enabled.

Is your email address easily available? This should also be “click to email” enabled.

If your company uses social media, include links on your mobile friendly website.

Content is king.
Content is king in any marketing and sales strategy. Your website should easily describe what you do and the benefit to the customer.  When a customer is looking at your website or email on a Smart phone the content needs to be refined as you have less space to get your message across. Consider using a content specialist to help you format your story and your message to fit across multiple screens.  Forms and downloads need to be mobile friendly if you are including them on your mobile website.

Mobile devices and sales.
Your sales teams are using mobile tools to help sell your products and services. If they are not, your competitors are using them. These tools can include tablets that have online demos, PowerPoint presentations, documents and online brochures.  They are using applications such as email and sales management software to help them close business.  This should be part of your strategy to grow your business. It will help make you communicate more efficiently and connect you to your customers.

To summarize, focus on your website. I believe this to be the center of your business operations. It doesn’t matter what business you are in.  Serve up a website experience that is mobile friendly and allows customers to find you and contact you.  The smart phone is quickly becoming the computer of choice.  Companies that understand this will be poised to attract new business and strengthen their brand awareness.


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