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The Difference Between Being Different And Being Unique

Unique BrandWritten by Alex Valderrama, Founder and Principal of Cranium Agency

We often speak about “differentiators” when defining a brand. In branding terms, a differentiator defines what brand qualities separate your brand from your competitor’s brand. While a differentiator clearly states the difference between you and your competitor, it is not the main reason prospective clients choose you over your competitors.

Let’s take a look at the two definitions. First, “difference” is a point or way in which people or things are not the same. Second, “unique” is being the only one of its kind: unlike anything else. So, if you are in charge of either creating a brand or helping to define an existing brand, the ultimate goal should be a “unique” brand.

In today’s competitive environment it is not enough to be different. Many companies rely solely on being different from their competitors, which is a fundamental mistake. The key issue is whether creating a difference provides enough intrigue and preference for your customers to choose your company over your competitors. By default, most companies are different anyway. So, uncovering the difference through a series of brand strategy techniques is a good start but should definitely not be the final means in which the brand hangs its hat on.

Furthermore, there needs to be a more thorough investigation into what differentiates your brand from your competitors. And more importantly what makes your brand “unique”. This requires much more thorough insight into the various brand components and a clear articulation of the brand. Only then can there be a clear and concise description of the uniqueness of the brand that is easy to communicate and share.

In conclusion, understanding the “uniqueness” of your brand and executing a strong communication strategy are key to creating a memorable and unique brand that also defines a clear preference over your competitors.

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