Money Can Buy Love!

A Closer Look At Brand Engagement

There are plenty of reasons why someone may not purchase a product or service. The biggest reason may be that they do not have an emotional feeling about the brand. These brands do not engage with their potential customers at an emotional level. 

“People buy based on an emotional feeling.” 

A strong brand that creates an emotional feeling will encourage the buyer to act. This applies to every brand, including the not-so-sexy brands in the industries such as banking, accounting, manufacturing, etc. Every brand has an opportunity to engage their customers, and the most effective strategy is to engage them through an emotional need or want. These brand engagements are not defined by what the customer gets in turn for their money, but how they feel before, during and after a purchase. Imagine the excitement right before a great concert, visiting a favorite restaurant, buying the most current smartwatch, or driving a new car off the lot. All of these are examples of how someone might feel when they make a purchase based on emotional interaction with their favorite brand. 

Strategically, building a brand that is in tune with their customers and creating an emotional engagement is very difficult. It involves time, a lot of introspect and a clear definition of the brand. Many brand elements are used to discover how to engage the customer on an emotional level. One of which we spoke about earlier in a recent article called “Increase Sales With a Stronger Brand Promise.” Also, brand purpose, brand differentiators, a strong positioning statement and the reason why the brand is in existence are a few of the elements needed to clearly define a robust strategy. And, with a strong strategy, you will build an emotional connection between your brand and your prospective buyers.

Let’s face it. Every brand has an opportunity to make an impact on our lives – an impact that creates an emotional response of happiness, excitement, confidence, empowerment, a happy experience, joyfulness, and so much more. These emotional feelings are what drives customers to purchase a product or service, by creating a lasting memory and exciting the senses. A love-fest the brand is sure to benefit from with recurring sales and happy customers.

About Alex Valderrama

Alex Valderrama
Alex Valderrama is one of the nation’s top Brand Strategists, Award-winning Designer, Author, and the Principal at Cranium. Through his unique experience working with several hundred clients, he has helped many brands lead in their industry with Business Growth, Brand Strategy and Customer Experience Design. Alex has worked with some of Nation’s most well-known brands such as Truven Health Analytics, Principal Financial, Citi Community Capital, Massey Ferguson, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Gates Rubber, National CineMedia, and Fathom Events. In addition, he has also worked with small businesses such as Basil Doc’s Pizza, Spavia, Santa Claran Hotel, and Aldo Leopardi just to name a few. Alex gained his BFA at the International Academy of Design with emphasis in Visual Communications. He also achieved the honor of Summa cum laude. Alex has taught advanced branding and marketing courses at Arapahoe Community College and Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado. In the past, he has been the curriculum advisor to several universities as well as a mentor to both students and interns. Alex has served as a judge for several national branding and marketing competitions. He lectures regularly on branding and marketing throughout the design community and the business sector. Alex has also served as a marketing board member and independent branding advisor for several community development projects, non-profit organizations, business groups and marketing associations. Additionally, Alex has held several board positions with the local American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and Business Marketing Association (BMA) Chapters. Alex frequently writes about branding and his agency has received over 80 national and international awards from esteemed industry competitions such as Print Magazine, Graphics and American Corporate Identity. His work has also appeared in over 20 international publications such as: The Big Book of Logos 3; The Best of Business Card Design 5; Blue is Hot, Red is Cool; Direct Response Graphics Book; Rockport’s Letterhead; Logo Design 6 Source Book; and, Best of Brochure Design 5 just to name a few.

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