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The Great Martian War Video

Created for the History Channel, Plazma Design pulled off an amazing video. The integration of real life footage along with their expertise and special effects are remarkable.

Created for the History Channel’s 100th Anniversary, the Great Martian War tells the story of catastrophic events when humankind was pitted against Alien invasion.

“I am delighted that the latest show I worked on has been broadcast on the History channel during December 2013. Working closely with the shows creator Steve Maher, I was the animation and art director for all the VFX based sequences.  The general tone of the documentary aims to re-examine rather than mock the events and tragedy of the first world war. From an animation directors point of view this was In many ways a dream project featuring Martian Machines, Creatures, WW1 aircraft, Tanks etc.”  – Christian Johnson


Check out the video!

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