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For some brands, less is more. Tangent GC – a new series of organic soaps.

The Swedish company Tangent GC is known for their qualitative organic garment and shoe care products. Now the brand extends its range, venturing into skin care with a series of perfumed, organic soaps made in France. The soaps are produced with only natural ingredients. Pure vegetable oils, lye, cellulose gum, salt and water. No colour, no preservations, no petrochemicals. Once the soap is ready, a selection of untampered perfume oils is infused – one for each variety. And again the brand perfectly manages to create a simple and aesthetically-pleasing packaging design. Well done.  One source  – one fragrance, a new series of organic soaps Available in stores: November 2016  Pictures by Tangent GC

Source: Tangent GC – a new series of organic soaps.

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