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Grow Your Brand

Grow Your BrandBrand identity is one of the most fundamental elements of a company. In an ever-growing market, it has become increasingly difficult for a brand to capture the attention of its intended audience. In a lake of competing companies, it can pose a real challenge for a “droplet-sized” brand to be recognized. The following is a quick list of simple ways to grow your brand and its image in the eyes of the consumer.

  • Share Your Brand – Get it out there!
    •  Share online
      • Blog – Like what’s happening right here.
      • Social Media Posts – Like blogging, but a lot shorter more often.
      • Website – Everything (basically) is online now. Having a good web presence is a no-brainer.
      • Email – Direct mail used to be the most successful way to advertise. This is the closest thing to its online equivalent.
    • Create Buzz
      • Host an event.
      • Involve your company in something socially public or a local cause.
      • Give it away. If your product is something tangible or usable, let a few people try it for free.
      • Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful methods of growth for a brand.
  • Advertise – Be strategic. Historically, advertising has been a great tool for brand strengthening. However, planning and research are very important things to do in advance. Advertising anywhere and everywhere is rarely a wise marketing move, especially for a brand with a lower budget. Sometimes, advertising just isn’t right for certain companies at the beginning, so it’s essential to be strategic and know who and where your audience is.
  • Meet the Consumer
    • At Trade Show – This is one of the best ways to reach a captive audience. At a trade show, consumers are already looking and ready to make a decision. It’s your job to meet them there and exceed their expectations. By presenting your brand accurately and thoughtfully through a trade show booth, you can greatly influence the positive cognitive attachment people have with your brand. There are specific, strategic ways to stand out at a trade show.
    • Through Guerrilla Marketing – This is simply any unconventional form of marketing in order to more effectively reach your audience.
      • With a Mobile Marketing Campaign – Take a tour! Hauling a tricked out trailer with your brand name on it down the west coast will meet people where THEY are, surprising them with your brand image. Interrupting the normal flow of a community’s “every day” might sound a bit invasive, but when done right can be very effective for your brand. Think of the Wienermobile.
      • At an Event – Similar to a trade show booth, setting up at an event or festival is huge for brand exposure. With a captive, generally affable audience, this method of guerrilla marketing, often called “experiential marketing”, is sure to strengthen your brand’s image.

Organizing and erecting event or trade show displays is not necessarily the easiest of tasks, but a necessary part of your industry. Exhibiting at a trade show is an exclusive opportunity to meet directly with your brand’s target audience, and such a valuable moment must not be approached without careful planning or taken for granted.

Standing out is key, and there are specific, strategic ways to go about it. Click the button below for a free e-book on how to stand out at a trade show.

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