The goal of every brand is to create a strong bond with a multitude of “Micro-Moments.” These micro-moments are crucial to the success of the brand. As companies develop their marketing and branding strategy, particular attention should be given to how the brand message will be delivered through different channels. And, more importantly, the integration of the core brand message will need to be reinforced to communicate the uniqueness of the brand promise and why a potential customer would prefer your brand versus others.

What is a micro-moment? 

A micro-moment is considered to be every touch point your brand has with your audience. However, I would propose these micro-moments have a deeper impact as to how your brand is perceived.

Your Audience

When considering your audience, in addition to your customers, other brand advocates should also be considered such as employees, vendors, partners, etc.

The Strategy

Marketing and branding experts should pay particular attention to the purpose of every micro-moment their brand has with their customers. Every micro-moment should make an emotional connection. Rather than merely creating a list of deliverables, they should consider how each interaction impacts the perception of your brand. In addition, take into consideration whether there are additional opportunities to engage your customer with a more meaningful experience through an explicit integration of your brand’s tone and character.

Take for example the plethora of interactions we currently have with brands. There are varying degrees of studies that suggest we are inundated with 500-5,000 brand impressions per day. Even though there is special attention given to mediums such as print ads, commercials, posters, banner ads, logos, and everything in-between, many marketers don’t consider the impact of other micro-moments such as how the business telephone is answered, dress codes, email signatures, call back policies, greetings, outdated web pages, inadequate social media interactions and response, and so on. Many of these micro-moments are typically forgotten and deemed as unimportant.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing an old brand, consider how your brand interacts with people at a micro level. These includes engagement with current customers, past customers, potential new customers, employees, vendors, partners, etc. When developing a list of marketing and branding tactics, be sure to consider every moment your brand has as an opportunity to differentiate itself and create a unique preference.