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What is the Difference?

what's the difference

Written by Alex Valderrama, Founder and Principal of Cranium Agency

One of the biggest questions I hear often is… “What is the difference between a mobile web app and a native app?”.

There is a short and a long answer. For the purpose of not boring a lot of readers, this is the short answer: A mobile web app is a website that looks and feels like an app and can be accessed through any browser with an Internet connection. A native app is coded in native code to work on the particular operating platform such as Android or iOS and has to be downloaded to your mobile device.

Many companies are starting to look at these potential options to reinforce their brand strategies to solve businesses problems. They have taken on the challenge of integrating apps into their overall marketing strategy. There are many considerations you should consider before diving into the development of either a mobile web app or a native app. Below are several critical questions to answer to understand the scope of the direction you may want to take.

– What is the purpose of the app?

– Is it supposed to generate income?

– How is it meant to engage your current customers?

– Is it a sales enablement tool for your sales team?

– Will it require an Internet connection for it to work?

– How many people will be using it?

– Have you created a Requirements Document?

– How do you plan on supporting the maintenance and updates?

The outcome of a well-developed app along with an integrated brand strategy can help your business in various ways. Including, generating additional income, creating broader brand awareness, engaging your customers, etc. Additionally, companies are always looking into new ways of creating strong channels to engage new customers. An app for your business may be a great investment but will take some planning, time, effort and not to mention a budget to bring it to life. Working with a good firm that will help you through the process can save you some costly mistakes.


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